Saturday, January 16, 2010

We WILL figure things out today!!

Today we are going to sit down and figure this whole Mac thing out. I am already so amazed at some of the little things I have seen these machines do. There are shortcuts that are going to make our lives SOO much easier and I already know we are going to say "why didn't we make this switch a long time ago" a million times over.

I cleaned the house, did heaps of laundry and got the kids off to Grammys so that I can dedicate my entire day to my new toy! (Does that make me a dork? HA!) I am even going to go and buy "Mac for Dummies" and Lisa and I will get it figured way or another!

We are super excited about our blog and all that we have coming in the future...we have big plans all, BIG plans. You just wait! We are planning our next giveaway, because don't forget, the current one ends tomorrow at noon, so for all of you that have entered (correctly) a big THANK YOU! It has been so much fun reading all of your funny quotes and trust me, there are times in our day that they are MUCH NEEDED.

Don't forget to visit the website and see all the goodies many things that make great gifts!!! We are adding new items all the time, so it may be worth your while to even bookmark that site too! :)

Happy Saturday everyone...


  1. OKAY! NanaNextDoor stepped in and she has my kids, I will be over in a bit, I have the Two Basketball games but other then that it will be Mac, Mac, and more Mac. Do you want me to stop off and pick up "mac for dummies?" I'll call you in 10.....

  2. Hi! I just found your blog but love it so far - it's adorable. And welcome to the Sunny Side of the Street!!! MAC lovers unite! You will be so happy with your decision - I promise. MACs are the best. Good luck!


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