Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To Mac or not to Mac...that IS the question!!!

So...today we spent a few hours at the MAC store. Holy cow, I think we almost died and went to heaven. Colors, matte vs. gloss, everything seemed shiny to us...probably because our eyes were as big as ever. At one time, there were 5 people helping us out, trying to figure out the best shades for our needs! We even had a few calls from friends pissed that we didn't invite them...wondering if we bought them some lip gloss at least. LOL. NO, we were NOT sitting in chairs getting our make-up done...we were looking at new COMPUTERS!!! Seriously, it was like being in a candy shop as a child for the first time. Seeing all the bells and whistles of the way these machines work was nuts. In fact, it almost made me mad. I feel as if we have wasted SO MANY HOURS of our LIVES. But...all I see is how many hours we will be gaining if we do in fact make this transition. You know when you are waiting for that program to load on your computer the little hour glass shows up...thats what I am seeing in my brain...MOBILE ME??? WHAT???? HAHAHA. Well...to our knowledge, as far as this whole Mac world goes, we will never again have to sit and stare as we wait for a file to load, or have to re-open a program multiple times a day.
So...stand by as we decide to learn how to walk all over again and transition over to the Apple side of the world (which is looking pretty bright in our opinion) or be chicken and stay with our boring laptops that continuously crash and burn.
Til tomorrow I hope...



  1. ALLI!!! What a day! WOW, are we in for a ton more of days like today if we go for the MACs, which really I see no other options...? BUT, maybe we should invest in some "Super Hero" costumes so we never have to witness our sons running around with underware on their heads again!! LOL!!!!

  2. We moved to a Mac 18 months ago----and all I can tell is is once you go MAC you never go back. My computer has not frozen up once-not ever in 18months.
    It is well worth the investment-sign up for the one to one classes as well, they are awesome
    Jennifer M

  3. I just wanted to wish you ladies tons of luck on your new adventure. I read about you on Okie's blog and hopped on over here. I will post about you on my blog (I only have my daughter and possibly my dog following, but hopefully that will change soon!) I love your blog, and will visit daily!

    Robyn H.

  4. Nothing beats a Mac. Bought an Imac than a macbook......you can't go wrong!!! It runs like a dream :) :)

  5. You must keep us up to date on your decision and adventure to the other side. I have been thinking about it myself - but we do not have an apple store here. I know they sell them at Best Buy, but everyone says you have to take the classes to re-learn everything you know about computers.

    I also will add your link on my blog - just in case anyone ever looks at mine. LOL

  6. We have had Mac's in our house for over 25 yrs - love my MacBook - forced to work on PC's at work but at home it is Mac all the way.


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