Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Funny Quote" stamps added to www.StampOutOnline.com

My girls and I were drawn like magnets to an adorable display of all things polka dots while we were at Barns and Noble exchanging some of the "Mac for Dummies" books that were incorrectly purchased. We should have bought the "Buying Mac books for Dummies for Dummies" before we bought the books. LOL! Its quite apparent that my love for polka dots has been passed down a generation. Faith was beside her self with excitement to be able to use her polka dot umbrella today. We had a true moment, I totally understood how she felt. My husband was telling her to put it in her backpack since it wasn't raining yet, WELL...I knew that wasn't going to go over with a bang. Why would she put her super cute polka dot umbrella IN her back pack? That just didn't make sense to either of us, he ended up using a "choose your battle" card and backed down. She got to hold her umbrella outside her backpack "in case" it started to rain while she was walking to class. That makes perfect sense to me!

OH...and check out the website, www.StampOutOnline.com I haven't gotten to all of them but I did get a few of the funny quotes listed on the website. Alli and I are working on an idea for a new giveaway, so stand by......



  1. Woo hoo I saw my quote on your site!! I think that is sooo cool. Can you tell I'm uber excited?


  2. WHAT A SCREAM to see my quote in a stamp.... and all the others too! Some were so funny that I can't wait to buy them!


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