Sunday, January 10, 2010 this thing working? anybody out there? So here we new friends? Is this really happening? This is new to Alli and I and we are used to having lots of friends wherever we go so we are confussed? We have been up for 24 hours and yet here we sit all alone....well, side by side in reality but alone in the blogging world. My mom joined and so did Alli's husband. Thanks guys! (we almost had my husband Aaron, but then he realized he had to sign up and that was too much trouble) Sooooo quick roll call: so far we have Alli, Myself, My mom, Big Mike aka Allis Husband, oh wait...thats IT? Although we appreciate the support from them, we are baffled by this whole blog world. It's so big, yet we are so small it seems. Please, don't be shy, if you log on here and are reading this post, we beg you to leave us a comment so we know you were here....this is new to us and we are looking to understand it better. Our counter is going up but is it just us checking for comments every 1 minute or is anyone new really viewing this??? FYI, we are cracking up as we type this! LOL! watch out blog world we will figure this out! :)



  1. Girls, I love your blog.

    You two compliment each other so well with your


  2. Welcome to the blogging world! You'll catch on in no time at all!! I came over from Susan Vilars blog...nice looking blog. Good luck with your decision between Mac and PC..I keep seeing the commercial in my head...haha anyways, welcome to your family as well!!

  3. I was here, I was here. Horton, can you hear me?
    I may be small, but a person's a person.......
    Happy to come to your blog.

  4. You two are very funny! It can seem like you are talking to yourself when no one leaves comments but you will find that blogging is addictive and eventually you'll stop checking for comments every five minutes.

    Have fun with your blog - maybe you should add a link for your store?

  5. LOL!!! Ya'll are too funny. I got here from OkieLady's blog and am glad to be here. I myself just started a blog last week. I have not idea what to do with it. I can see that ya'll are far more advanced and SUPER CUTE compared to mine. Oh well, as long as we're having fun, right? Good luck, and I'll be watching!

  6. i am so glad you went with MAC....I have 2 and LOVE them. I am hoping for a little help with using SCAL and expressions. Not sure how they will "jive" together. I have had many pcs...never again. Mac is wonderful. I just got my expressions for christmas. I am glad I found your blog. It is GREAT. Thanks!


we LOVE comments...They are our current addiction. You can be assured that if you leave a comment it's like clinging your glass with a fork at a wedding, you know how the bride and groom kiss?....well if you leave a comment you can be assured that Alli and I are texting each other! :)

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