Thursday, January 14, 2010

The 1st official post from my NEW.........

iMAC!!!!! :)) YIPEE! YIPEE! After a lot of thought and debate between a lot of different parties involved we made the final decision. Its official, will NOW be run from Mac computers. WELL...(there always seems to be a well....) you would think we were in the computer business with all the computers around now.  There is going to be a learning curve and while we are learning we have our current PCs and AND iMacs running. As if we didn't spend enough time in front of the computer before now we are in front of two computers each.  The current design software we use isn't Mac compatible, that is a scary thought for me but good news for shoppers. It means there will be LOTS of fun new designs to come. I'm SO excited and glad that the decision has been made and we are now in process of the conversion. I'm certain I will LOVE this computer. As we were driving home I told Alli, I think we should design a sign that says "Drive carefully, we have new iMacs on board"
PS..Thank you so much for all the funny quotes they keep us laughing...Be sure you sign up as a follower and enter the contest, we are having so much fun reading all the posts.


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