Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christmas in July and August

Alli and I laugh at ourselves A LOT! One of our inside running jokes is that we are always a day late and a dollar short. We are sooooo close to being on the cutting edge but we always fall a tad short. For example I ran a fantastic “Mothers Day Ad” in a local dance recital brochure with “Great Mother’s Day” Gift ideas and I had a code for shoppers to get a discount, it was great! Only problem was it ran at the end of May. Then we had Allis super duper cute Lakers stamps we finally got up on the site and the blog AFTER the Lakers celebratory parade. With our combined 5 children and one on the way (CONGRATS ALLI!!!) We just barely find time to develop our brain bursting ideas. With all that said, I want to present our CHRISTMAS IN JULY stamp sale…oh wait, it’s almost August!? Fine, Christmas at the end of July and ALL OF AUGUST!! Alli has created some ADORABLE new holiday designs. They can be found at www.stampoutonline.com in the Holiday category on our website. If you order any time from now through August and enter the code “Sneak Peak” You will enjoy an $8 discount. Keep us in mind for Holiday cards. We can do ANYTHING! We don’t have everything up on the site yet so if you see something you would like or have an idea contact us for pricing. Alli does the greatest Holiday Cards and this year she is going to offer the Jpeg so you can take the design and go to your local photo developer and order as many any quantity you would like. Standby this is all to come!


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