Friday, January 8, 2010

Our Story

It started out with two girls and their fascination for all things "SUPER CUTE!" The two girls shared a desire to turn their passion for design and creativity into a career. Alli and Lisa have a "We can make that” complex. Between the two girls there has not been a "crafty challenge" they haven’t attempted. They have made just about everything under the sun that they think is "SUPER CUTE!". The girls are on a never ending mission for custom items that will compliment the Stamp and Stationery line they have created and are currently finding success in. In most cases when they venture off for new items they end full circle back to stamps and stationery. There is usually some wine and a lot of laughs included along the way. For example: did you know that to turn a profit "WITH labor included" on a complete set of custom water bottles for an 11 player girls soccer team, the price would need to be $1,737.86 for the complete set. Don't Laugh! With that you get a Custom team colored water bottle with a coordinating bow, each bottle with the players name and number. (Thanks to Alli, Lisa was ready to scratch the number altogether! LOL) Don't tell either one of these girls that something can't be done…they find great pleasure in proving that theory wrong!

We have seen some "SUPER CUTE" Blogs and of course…you guessed it! "We can do that too!" SO, off we are on yet another adventure, only this one we invite you to share in the fun and good times. We laugh about having the only blog around that we are going to actually admit that we have husbands that are not so supportive of our obsession and feel we could be much more productive cooking dinner or cleaning the house.

We look forward to sharing with you more about us and learning about you along the way. Where we end up is yet to be determined....

Quick Stats: Between Alli and Lisa: 2 Boys, 3 girls, 2 husbands and 2 yappy dogs.

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