Saturday, February 6, 2010

A blog about blogging?

It's been awhile since we have written. Alli and I are already looking to make changes in our blog. We are both new at blogging and we both want it to be right! BUT neither of know for sure what that means? We have been researching blogs we like and trying to compile a list of "wants" for our blog. I personally find it a little difficult that there isn't back and forth communication and that there doesn't seem to be contact information for us to contact people or for people to contact us. I'm not sure if that is just the nature of blogging?? BUT I found it a tad frustrating that after our first "giveaway" and everyone was a winner, we didn't really have a way to contact everyone? It is up to them to check back in and contact us with the instructions we gave them. I have a ton of stamps that we made for the winners that went unclaimed. I wanted to be able to contact the people and try to get their info to send them their prize. We are working on our issues and thinking of a direction to go. We have our names on lists of designers of blogs that we like but if any of you know of any great functioning, pleasurable blogs to visit send us the names we love looking at them all.


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  1. Hi ladies, I see what you mean about why this can be frustrating. One thing I noticed about your blog, and you probably have too, is that there is no link to your site. That made it cumbersome for me to go look at your stuff for sale. Crazy lazy we customers are I know. Also, I think some demo's (or even pictures) of people using your products would help as well. You can also make sure that everyone leaves their email or a way to contact them in each post. Some site say it over and over and over, but it gets the point across. They also make a point to remind everyone to use a email account just for blogging, for security purposes. I don't know if you follow Holidays with the Cricut, they have a great following and I would assume they are able to get their give-aways out the door. Also, My Pink Stamper does a good job of referring everyone to Custom Crops to purchase her products. I'm glad ya'll are not giving up, and I'll try to get over there and order my stamp. I did see it was made, but failed to follow through on ordering. Have a great week, Dallas.


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