Sunday, February 7, 2010

$3 off and FREE shipping on the Cricut Rubber Stamp

What a great Super Bowl game! I love to put a few bucks down on the Super Bowl, this year I was lead by my emotions and who I “wanted” to win and because of that I have a few extra bucks in my wallet tonight. Yeah, I love that! Alli and I don’t share similar experiences when it comes to sports. Our husbands are business partners and best friends that grew up next door to each other. They don’t share a common love for sports. Allis husband Mike loves all sports! Sundays are all football all day at the Kettle house. I would think for Alli the Super Bowl is an extra special day because its also a celebration of life returning to normal on Sudays :) OKAY…so on to the good stuff! This week at in the category: custom handmade by/signature stamps we will discount $3 and offer free shipping on the darling Cricut Rubber Stamp with the code word ~ BLOG ~ To get the discount you will need to go through the whole process of checking out and entering your custom info for the stamp. When you get to the final section that asks for promotional code this is when you enter in BLOG you will receive free shipping and $3 off. We send out proofs before we ship so be on the look out for the proof. The offer good from February 8th to the 15th.


  1. Thanks so much!! I just ordered one--can't wait to get it!

  2. Just ordered mine and look forward to receiving it...thanks for the $3 off and free shipping!!!


  3. I just got my stamp. Its adorable. Thanks again

  4. I love the stamp.. may have to go visit the store and order one for all my cricut creations.


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