Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Misti Stamping Tool

We are SOOO excited about our new stamping tool here at stampout! We are always looking for new ideas and fun ways to make products, and this is going to make our lives so much easier! It is cleverly named the Misti which means Most incredible stamp tool invented (click link to purchase your own!)  I just got engaged and decided to try out the misti for some of my wedding stuff, and I am thrilled with the outcome! I needed to ask my girls to be in my wedding so I wanted to make some cute stamped muslin bags. For those of you that haven't ever used a clear rubber stamp, these things are AWESOME! It is so nice to be able to see through the stamp so you can make sure you get it centered perfectly, and for perfectionists like me, that is so helpful! I took pictures as I was working with it so you can see how this nifty little tool works! 

All you need is your unmounted rubber stamp that you can purchase from our etsy shop

Step 1: Place your bag (or paper) onto the black part of the Misti in the bottom right corner. 

Step 2: Place the stamp (sticky part down) onto the grid exactly where you want it to be, make sure it is centered and straight on the lines. You should close the top of the Misti an make sure it will fit exactly where you want before you put ink on the stamp!

Step 3: Take your permanent ink pad (click here to purchase your own) and make sure you cover the whole stamp in ink. 

Step 4: Close the Misti and press down firmly and evenly on the surface where the stamp is. Open the Mist and check to see if the impression is good enough, if not.. no worries! That is what is so great about the clear stamps and the Misti! You can see through and if you don't move your paper or bag, you can put more ink on your stamp and press down again to get a darker impression!

Step 5: Enjoy your cute creation! Make sure to clean off your stamp with rubbing alcohol so it doesn't dry on there and ruin the stamp, and you are all set!

I am so happy with how these turned out! They are a cute and simple way to ask your best friends to be in your wedding!  
I stuffed these bags with a note for each girl, nail polish, lip gloss, gum, chocolate and mailed them to each of the girls in my bridal party. So fun and simple! 
You can purchase this stamp right here

Thank you for reading, and please share any info about the Misti you have! We are so excited to continue making fun things with this awesome tool! 

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