Thursday, May 13, 2010

We want to Girl it up! Super Cute Girly Stamps Giveaway is doing our part to girly up the business world! Super cute girls have been running the stamp shop for about 10 years now! We are all moms & girlfriends who love what we do. The nature of the stamp manufacturing business can get a bit messy at times. One of our goals has been to make our work environment cuter than “just a stamp manufacturing” shop. The file cabinets have been painted pink, the files are polka dots we have cute notepads around (made and designed by us) you know, just little things here and there. Then one day BAM, It occurred to us that all of our stamps were the traditional boring big fat red ink PAID, RECEIVED, PAST DUE, Blah, blah, blah, you get it! So is making a little contribution to the mompreneurs and lady owned businesses out there. We need to unite and make a conscious effort to bring style and personality into our daily monotonous paper work. We say “Burn the ugly stamps” (not really) and replace with new SUPER CUTE business stamps for the SUPER CUTE business girls! Tell us a bit about your business and how you would love to “girly it up” a bit and which stock stamp you would like to begin your collection. At random the girly girls at will have some fun reading and picking some our favorites to send out some of our stamps. Leave your email address so we can contact you. We will favorably discriminate to those that blog, tweet or facebook about us and send us the link to

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  1. LOL. I seriously almost spit my sip of Coke onto my screen when I saw the "WTF" stamp. DO you have one for emails? LOL. I get some requests sometimes that I wish I could reply with "WTF". You know the ones. Like- "Hi! I am throwing a birthday party in 2 days and I need this order I am going to place across the country tomorrow. Great. Thanks." Seriously???

    Anyways- I just found your blog and I enjoy it! I will be following and I will come back with links to mentions of you on my blog and facebook.

    I seriously need a cute- "Don't Bend Asshole" but I doubt that would be effective :) So I would settle for a "DO NOT BEND" LOL

  2. I just found your website through Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog. I love the stamps you have above. I don't own a business, but the 'WTF' stamp and the'LOL' and 'Thank you can be used for all sorts of things!!! I love all of your stamps (I looked at your online selection). You ladies are super creative!!!!

    I was also wondering how I become a 'Follower', I can see the header on the right, but it doesn't allow me to select a 'Follow' button like usual. (I hope that makes sense!) I would like to see any new updates through the blogger dashboard.

    TFS ladies!!!!!! I'll be mentioning you on my blog for sure!!! **Sorry, I don't have many followers!!!!** - Celeste

  3. These stamps are EXACTLY what I need at work. Love them :)

  4. Those stamps are FANTASTIC! All of my full-time colleagues are guys, and I feel like I'm fighting an uphill battle with the cute sticky notes, cursive signature stamp, and all that--these stamps would totally give me a much-needed boost to combat all the testosterone around here. Please choose me!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  5. Thanks I love the stamps. I would use them daily at work!

    Breejeep @ hotmail . com

  6. Love these stamps!!! I have a small tshirt business and these would be perfect to add a little splash of girly!!!!

    Now I'm off to post about these on my blog!!!
    corrdl22 at yahoo dot com

  7. I could DEF use the "Biz Expense" stamp! I own a mobile body shop and my (male) employees turn in their paperwork once a week. In this pile includes a GAZILLION crumpled up receipts. It is then my job to sort through and find out which are "biz expense" and what is DEF not! Haha, with this stamp I could just flip through and mark them :)
    Thanks for listening, <3 Manda!

  8. I would love these stamps at work!!! They are so cute! Thanks

    Mintsola AT yahoo DOT com

    Elizabeth Co

  9. ooooh i love these stamps.
    i want to stamp WTF on every bit of paper i have.

    xkatgrayx at

  10. I'd like o participate too!
    I'm from spain though... I love stamps of all types, I actually collect them..

    I'm becoming a lawyer, and in my freetime I make traductions and handmade stuff, so this would really be cool, FTW! XD

    I hope i get a chance to win! ^^


  11. OMG I love those stamps, they are tooooo adorable! I don't quite own a business, but I do sell cards that I make at craft shows and at a family business (4 families in 1 store! Myself, mom who sells balloons etc., sister who does massage, and cousin who sells cookies!). In fact, these stamps would be a great addition to the store because all 4 families would be able to use them! AND even better, we are all women!! :) All of us scrapbook too (well 2, and 2 in the making), how fun would these be on pages! Carrie


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